Wednesday, December 29, 2010

love the booties

Just to share with you my latest shoe purchase.  Laced up booties by CMG.  Been looking for this type of shoes however, just too dismayed at those exaggerated types out there.  This pair is just perfect for me and not too ostentatious! Happy feet again!


  1. Your laced boots are gorgeous. I would love to own one like that. It is so hot! I like the way your grey tunic is tied in a cute knot on the edge.

    Thanks for visiting my page and leaving such lovely comments. I noticed you followed my blog too. You have certainly made my day! I have added you to my blog roll list too
    (aka Squeeze The Pug)

  2. thanks for the lovely comment here ;) you're welcome of course...i love your blog..most stylish doctor ever! im such a fan of your inspire me...=)xoxo Cheryl

  3. I am dying to get those boots but my feet are very tiny!!! You're so lucky. They look so comfy. :)