Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Christian Siriano Shoes for Payless

I was hunting for DM's during the long weekend but was unsuccessful.  90's fashion is back and I was hoping to get a black or purple Doc Marten's.  A friend of mine Vanessa, recommended that I go to Olympic Village in Pioneer Robinsons but only the silver one is available (Not! Im too conservative to wear silver Dm's haha!).  They're actually selling it for P2,500 now (even then).  I also heard they're phasing it out in Manila already..tough!  I might just get them on line but will have to get some courage to buy stuff on line...let's see.

So, I was at Megamall hunting for the good old DM's but stumbled upon this yet another desiger collaboration.  This time that of Christian Siriano for Payless shoes.  As you stylistas would know, Christian S. is the winner for Project Runway in the US and been making waves in the fashion industry.  This season is all about various crocs, patent python, oversized ruffles and gold filigree details on platform pumps and boots.  I immediately feel in love with these flats with the gold detailing.  Augh! And there goes my DM hunting...ended up buying a girly-girl shoes! tee hee! =)

Some designs I got from the net and they're pretty rockstar dont you think?  The styles available at Megamall are vey limited...and they only feature Christian S. collection in that store.  Do check them out though as I'm sure they'd be sold out soon.  The rest I guess you might just get on line =)

With Payless shoes fashion, quality and style need not be expensive! Happy Christmas shopping! =)


  1. Lucky you!! :)
    thank you sooo much for following me :)
    some news tonight :)

  2. great shoes ! i love them :)
    very nice blog :)