Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Road Trip 2011

During the Holy week vacation, my cousins and I went to Ilocos Norte for yet another Road trip and this time, it is at Ilocos Norte, Burgos, Kapurpurawan White Rock formation,  (from the root word "puraw" which means white in the local dialect) , because of its uniqueness, is a popular destination. Hordes of travelers and sightseers flock there to take pictures.  A very Photogenic place indeed! :) 

It is just breathtaking! :)

After the slight trekking, we went further up north at Blue Lagoon Pagudpod.  We had our lunch by the beach and simply enjoyed the awesome blue sea and white sands.  Perfect Day! AWESOME...Philippines! ;)

Lunch by the beach with Cousins :)

 Cover-up and Swim wear by Coco Cabana :)

Friday, April 22, 2011

TEASER -- Awesome summer FUN! :)

Guys, this is just a teaser of Awesome Philippine Beaches...
At our hometown in Ilocos Sur and Norte Philippines.  More photos to follow when I get back to the city :)

The perfect day at Blue Lagoon Pagudpod! 

awesome beach view, ahhhhh ;)

Friday, April 15, 2011

Bikini Days of Summer

Hubby and I at CARAMOAN Beach 2010
I am already excited for my summer vacation :) Filed for vacation leave already for the entire week next week to head to Vigan for a family vacation.  This is the only time of the year that I can easily lounge on the beach as our home there is just beside one...wohoo! time to hit the beach and wear those new bikinis..all set! But quite honestly,  I am not sure though if I AM bikini ready! haha! I tried to cram for the last 2 weeks at the gym hoping that I'd lose all those flabs and pounds...but hey, at least I tried! :)

Here is video of ME yup "mwah" at the gym working my ass off!.  In this video is my instructor, of course, giving me a hard time and just wouldn't give me a break! literally! I've been training with him for a year already and his workout sessions are more on CROSSFIT training.  This one is more on varied movements in repitions.  Meaning, i dont repeat a work out every single session! And the workout is tailored for me to focus more on cardio, core and stamina!

Excuses for the long video and sideways view, should be okay though. hihi! :)  FYI. I almost quit during the plank poses with the leg twist for the core work out! Had to do all 5 workouts in 5-6 sets, that part was the hardest! Augh! really good luck to me! =)  Anyhow, I hope you enjoy your summer vaca guys! Ciao!

Bikini by NAF NAF

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Blue Blooded

Cousins Paul and Tet treated us for dinner last Thursday night.  It was our Despedida for Paul who is leaving for Singapore again for work.  Ate at Fusion Restaurant Little Asia at Greenhills.  Food was just wonderful! ;))

These are my cousins who I constantly see and it is just endearing that no matter how busy our own separate familiy lives may be, we still find time to meet up.  This dinner was just one of them.  Thought I'd introduce them to you guys..but first I had to show OTD! :) Isingit tlaga! (haha, i just to show my outfit first ey! )

Twist Dress by ASOS, Bag by ALDO, Deep red brooch is F21, Sandals  by GIBI

Brooch and Silver wrist band is F21
  This is Paul with wifey Tet:)

this Honey Walnut Shrimp is to die for!!!

Chicken teriyaki!

Garlic and Mushroom shrimp...hindi kami mahilig sa shrimp! :)

My High School friend Vanessa (now my Cousin in Law :)...Yup, she set me up with now Hubby Garry) with Cousin Liel.  Like that sheer top of Vanessa :)

Kuya Alan, Manong Ron and Ate Jing. 

Pretty Liel in her cute floral print Head band

Me and my happy tummy! :) brrp!

Ending the night with a group picture ...of course to post on Facebook for all our relatives to see all over he world! :)

More family pics to post soon as we spend the Holy week vacation at hubby's hometown Vigan, Ilocos Sur :)  Ohh super nice sceneries we have there...will be sharing with you that soon! =) . 

Good night for now! :)

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Juicy hued pants

Just some random OTD post!
You've probably seen the same pants in previous post. Loving how it is all forgiving to do color blocking! Oh might as well.... =))
Happy weekend guys! 

Pant, Blouse, and Shoes by ZARA
Bangle by Liz Claiborne

Monday, April 4, 2011

Color my world

Recently I have enrolled myself to make-up academy at Cheryl Cabanos Make-Up Acedemy (CCMA).  Have enrolled only for a Personal make-up class to further enhance what I already know or perhaps "correct" what I knew about make-up techniques...hehe ;)  Yup, and did you know that to achieve the "Smokey eyes" look, the stroke should be ascending and not horizontal?! :) ahh and thought those youtube videos were answer to everything..lol ;))

I have yet to decide whether to take up diploma classes and take it one step further,  but for now, its been useful for my everyday look at the office...and taking the "no make-up look" further up a notch ;)  see the BEFORE and AFTER looks during our classes ;)...


  Before-- "excuse my fat face!  Boo!" =)


So happy to learn how to contour my face... I was able to make my square face look thinner...yay!  Achieve! :)

Some photos with Ms. Cheryl C. (in the middle) and classmate Cristy.

 And the "Smokey eyes" session was so much fun too..super photo op.. hehe =)

The Before Photo..and some professional students had to do a practical exam on my hair, doing the curly hair through the flat iron, i must say...good job! just that i look harrassed in this photo...sorry :)

This is Irene's Before photo

Cristy's Before look :)

Good Job on the curls! =) CCMA is not only for Make-up classes, they also do classes on Hair Do's..the total package especially for those students aspiring to be professional make-up artist..

AFTER "Smokey eyes" look...more practice though for me..I think :) I used the dark Brown Eye shadow...How'd I do??

Irene on her Blue smokey eyes

Cristy on her Dark brown Smokey eyes...same as mine =)

Teach cheryl had to style my hair to complete the look ...

 This is teach Cheryl..taking our photos...proud teacher!

Some more photo taking... excuse us...so excited! 

Our "emote" look...smoldering look!!

Day 1 Outfit:
Pants and cropped cardigan by Zara
Stripped Sando bought at SM Dept Store

Day 2 Outfit (is a Bright summer day outfit...:))
Green Pants by Zara
Asymmetric top by SPACE bought a year ago...still very much useful this season :)

Later again peeps for a more colorful summer!

Ciao! =))