Saturday, March 3, 2012

Casual Friday

It was Friday, my colleagues and I went out for a Videoke night after work.  Wearing just my dark jeans from Dorothy Perkins, lose top from People are People and Parisian Flats.  It was only recently that our office approved of a casual Friday outfit.  Although we can already wear jeans, I would still wear the dark colored ones just so it will not appear too "lazy casual" as if it would appear unprofessional, but that is just me.. and no ripped jeans at the office please. hehe!

  My bag from Parfois...

My Evita Peroni Necklace :)

 Atty. Bianca's dress is so cute :)

 Great weekend everyone! Hubby and I are off tonight at the Mall of Asia for the Pyro Olympics.  Love Fireworks! Ciao!


  1. youre wearing glasses che? Did you sing ba? :) hehe


    1. yup sang inuman na! hehe..yes wearing glasses na. I have astigmatism ;(