Friday, April 15, 2011

Bikini Days of Summer

Hubby and I at CARAMOAN Beach 2010
I am already excited for my summer vacation :) Filed for vacation leave already for the entire week next week to head to Vigan for a family vacation.  This is the only time of the year that I can easily lounge on the beach as our home there is just beside one...wohoo! time to hit the beach and wear those new bikinis..all set! But quite honestly,  I am not sure though if I AM bikini ready! haha! I tried to cram for the last 2 weeks at the gym hoping that I'd lose all those flabs and pounds...but hey, at least I tried! :)

Here is video of ME yup "mwah" at the gym working my ass off!.  In this video is my instructor, of course, giving me a hard time and just wouldn't give me a break! literally! I've been training with him for a year already and his workout sessions are more on CROSSFIT training.  This one is more on varied movements in repitions.  Meaning, i dont repeat a work out every single session! And the workout is tailored for me to focus more on cardio, core and stamina!

Excuses for the long video and sideways view, should be okay though. hihi! :)  FYI. I almost quit during the plank poses with the leg twist for the core work out! Had to do all 5 workouts in 5-6 sets, that part was the hardest! Augh! really good luck to me! =)  Anyhow, I hope you enjoy your summer vaca guys! Ciao!

Bikini by NAF NAF


  1. Makes me wanna hit the beach! But none of that this summer!=(

  2. Hi ava! It's a must for hubby and I to hit the beach at least ones a year! :) we love the beach! Im sure you're be busy with all your commitments this summer:) enjoy!

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