Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Business or Pleasure


The all girls team =)

Quick post guys...last Friday was at Dome Shangri-La Mall for a business meeting..wore my fave red shoes bought online...my first cheap online purchase...and really liking the convenience of buying online.  I have a few more purchases waiting in line and should be posted pretty soon.. =) Excited much!
Here are a few shots of the dishes we had the entire day...some foods for the brains for that whole day brain storming...burrp! =)

My Hearty Breakfast - Tuna Sandwich

Waffles are my Fave!

Mozarella Sticks ...yumm!

Devils Food cake for dessert...soo sinful literally! =)
After work, went to see a movie with hubby...got a good laugh in Meeting the parents and "The Little Fockers" =)

Ciao for now!  Watching you Guys...watching me... as Mr GodFocker would say! =))

Red Velvet Shoes by Casa Stylista
Pants at Sm Dept Store
Stripped Shirt by Oxygen (my new favorite Store..loving the funky clothes they have now)
Swatch Full Blooded in Gold

Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year's Eve

At Piandre again for some preping up for the New Year's Eve Celebration. Had my regular waxing and pedicure..Quite pricey but hell the service is really good!  Very meticulous in their work & just how I like it. 

I love their Pedicure Dryer..can't find them anywere else.  Surely I wouldn't have to worry that my nail polish would get ruined after leaving the salon.

Used ESSIE'S Bordeaux Nail Color

My eyebrow got fixed as well =)

Just showing you now this jammies I got from Forever 21 perfect combination for the New Year's -- RED + POLKA DOTS ey!!! Love them!

And here is my excited face 'coz New Years noise celebration outside has started already...as early as 10.30PM. 

Too Scared to go out to check out the Firecrackers as they scare the hell out of me!  Opted to use hubby's BIG Earphones and listen to some partey music!! =))

Dancing to the tunes with my last look for 2010 part1

I love my Red Slim CONVERSE

last look for 2010 part 2..
Looking forward to more Fab looks and joyous celebrations this coming 2011.  Happy New Year every one! Mwah!!! =))